Hey! Welcome to Solvana. I started this store with a vision of an actual person, a "Solvana Girl". So every time we get a new brand rep, we call her the Solvana Girl. And then I was like, why don't I actually blog about MY life (the owner), and talk about things from my perspective. This won't really have a lot to do with the clothes or anything, but hopefully it will bring the brand full-circle and hopefully you can feel more connected to Solvana. I always thought it was really cool when you knew the personal lives of the owners of a store/brand. It kind of made me feel like we were friends. So I guess in this new blog, I wanna talk about everything from my personal life to advice on really anything you want me to talk about. Idk, like boys or music or girl advice or tips. I feel like this could be a really cool thing. 

So anyways, my actual name is Ashleigh Lenoir. I'm the owner of Solvana. I dont have a world of information because I'm only 22 years old. But I've been through a lot in my life and I have an unconventional kind of way of life as someone in their early 20's, meaning, I have a baby. And the way my boyfriend and I met and actually had a baby was so not in the script and it was crazy but here I am! Chance (my boyfriend) and I met in college literally the last month I was there. I was moving to Atlanta for a job with a magazine publishing company and he still had another year so in our minds there was really no reason to pursue a relationship. So we did what any other young 20 something a college person does and we just hung out. Like every day of that month. It was so easy and there were no strings attached and we honestly really hit it off. But AGAIN, no reason for a relationship because we were totally going our separate ways after the summer. We texted all the time even when I left for Atlanta, but I even asked him if we should end it since there was no future there. He said to just take things slow and talk and have fun and there wouldn't have to be any expectations. Welllll, everything kind of started to freak me out when I didn't get my period and I was like "holy shit, what if I'm pregnant." Like EVERY SINGLE GIRL does when they're 1 day late. It's in our nature, it just is. But I figured it was stress from moving into a 1-bedroom apartment with a brand new job in a whole new city that I didn't know. So I didn't think about it until I was about 3 weeks late on my period (late, I know). I texted Chance and I told him I was going to take a test just for precautionary measures. Mind you, I had already taken THREE and they were all negative. I got back from the store, peed on the stick and there it was. The two scariest lines you'll ever see. I literally freaked out and Chance ended up driving to Atlanta that night. We talked it out and made our decison. Which was crazy now that I think about it because we literally didn't know eachother like at all. But NOW, we have a beautiful 5 month old son and his name is Weston James Miller. He's the most perfect thing in the entire world. I know that's what every mom says, I know. But I guess you don't really understand until you have one of your own. He is the most amazing thing I could literally stare at him all day (Chance, too). And as for mine and Chance's relationship, we're living in a beautiful home in Alabama and I know that he's the one I'm going to marry one day. It's so crazy and weird looking back taking the craziest leap in the entire world to have a baby with someone you barely know. And I mean, BARELY know. We didn't even know each other's middle names or favorite color. But I wouldn't change it for anything in the entire universe. 

So I guess this was just an intro to who I am. The tiniest little piece of my life that you now know. And for anyone who was curious how my life switched up so much within a course of a year, well now you know. I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of how things worked out. Shit happens, it just does. So you either have to run away from it or just go with it. We chose a really hard path, but let me tell you I could not picture my life another way. 

I'm not really sure what I'm gonna write about next, but I hope this one was interesting enough to stick around! If you're still reading this, thank you and I hope you stay updated with all my messy blog posts. 


xx, Solvana Girl


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